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A Backlog Diary: Part 4- Sunglasses and Yeti dudes

A guy with sunglasses glued to his face walks into a bar, and gets told to do a menial task in order to simply be told where the grumpy Chinese robot man he's looking for is in the building. Sunglasses deep-voice man does so, but then sneaks through the building to find him anyway.

It sounds like I'm in a minority when I say this, but I look back on Deus Ex: Invisible War with great fondness. I bought it when I was a dumb 13 year old who'd just come off the back of a two month Halo: Combat Evolved obsession. Suddenly, there was Deus Ex 2; a game that scored a variety of 10/10 awards from the gaming magazines I read when in Tesco's with my mother. A non linear game with choices, which was pretty good to look at alongside the games of the time on the Xbox, aye? I hadn't even heard of Deus Ex until then, and when I saw Deus Ex 1, I laughed at how ugly and dated it was. (To this day, I still find it unplayable). The kind of game where your actions have a massive impact on the world, but you're still just some guy with a gun/sword was rare on consoles at the time. Now you can't move for Mass Effect's and Fable's where you choose the ending, but back then, Deus Ex 2 was special... maybe not if you were a PC gamer, but hey.

Ion Storm definitely pissed off their fair share of PC gamers of the time, but thanks to their decision, a 13 year old action game loving berk found twenty hours of fun in a dark roboty type world with religious orders, illuminati, and weird purple robot guys. Eight years later, 22 year old berk loved him some Deus Ex: Human Revolution, despite several rather shallow aspects of the game. I'm not entirely sure what the reaction of the die-hard PC gaming Deus Ex 1 fans has been to Deus Ex 3, but I did enjoy it. However, the game is linear, with some "Save a life" or "be a dick" choices along the way. I was both really. As I was eight years ago. I love winging it through this kind of game, not really thinking too hard about how the decision I'm making will impact the rest of the game, but rather the immediate situation. This is probably why I always get the middle "ooh he's a bit of a shit, but okay once you get to know him" kind of ending. Sacrificed the council for the good of humanity: check. Taxed the shit out of Albion: check. Listened to David Sarif: check, because the whiny dude with the glasses was a bit of a shit too.

Essentially, my love of it is probably due to having played it the way I expected it to play; an action game with some RPG elements and some variety in how you can deal with situations. Low on ammo? Sneak through. Not low on ammo? Well, don't sneak through.

And yeah, I totally shot the hell out of those mad guys at the end. With a shotgun. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So in general, a rather pretty game, with some decent RPG elements which, when treated with the right frame of mind, make a nice curving Evolution of your deep-voiced Human which will suit your play style. Plus, it had NPC's I could be bothered to try and save, which is a rarity in a game. However, whilst your play style can be flexible, the plot really isn't, with your ending literally being determined by a "Press this button to destroy the world, or..." scenario.

So I finished two games on my backlog list this week, one being the above, and one being the below.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was a lot better than its predecessor, but not the system seller some would have you believe. I have to admit that whilst I�m not a huge fan of the plot, the characters in it are rather good. Nathan Drake himself is probably up there as one of the most well rounded protagonists of a game of all time, and I do laugh every time he panics when a grenade comes near him. He just seems� human, and not a cardboard cut out character made to just fill a screen. He�s dodgy English mate who stabs him in the back was slimy and annoying, and fit the role of secondary antagonist well, and the two sidekicks were good too, Elena being a highlight as one of the best examples of a female character in a game, and I applaud Naughty Dog for making a love interest who is not over sexualised. Chloe, on the other hand, was deliberately a �Bond girl� type character, flawed and sexualised in some respects, but still potentially human. And I also love me some Sully, who was sadly absent most of the game.
Worst character? Primary protagonist, Mr Evil Russian Man. Very comic book/Bond villain.

I�ll summarise this review by saying that everything Uncharted 2 sets out to do, it does very well, bar one thing; obvious pathways. I can�t count the number of blind jumps I had to make because the way forward was not evident. Got very frustrating. And the final boss battle was a bit lame too.

However, the game redeems itself with brilliant set pieces, good writing, very good characters, and with giving me a near heart attack at the bit in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qzXUJqCTDU at 3:40-3:50. Very nicely done, didn�t expect that.

Next time: A progress report on my co-op play through of Gears of War 3 (loving it so far) and F1 2010, some opinions on Dead Island, which I�m half way through but can�t play again until my co-op partner for it returns from university for Christmas, and progress on F1 2010, as well as my latest addition to the backlog; Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD.
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