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Mature Games...Are they stealing the innoncence of young minds?

Why have games shifted towards the mature side of the spectrum? Why do kids and teenagers no longer hunger for pixelated platformers, or family-friendly games, but rather the next Call Of Duty, or the new Gears or God Of War? Is it to do with the influence of the older generation? Is it to do with the fact that kids always try and be more mature, therefore they have to play the more mature games? Is it to do with the excitement and do I dare say, danger, of playing a game which you're not meant to?

This stems from multiple experiences I've seen and had. The blog on her about why kids are obsessed with CoD, the fact I saw a kid throwing a s**t fit because his mum wouldn't buy him a 18+, and the kid looked about 9. One memory that is particularly strong is when my dad bought me Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories.


P.S I also have a youtube account, and hopefully I might start making decent vids, could you be lovely peoples and subscribe?

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