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How To Post a cBlog While Playing Resident Evil 4 HD


In a unique an interesting experience, I came to Destructoid this morning hoping to find some good insightful articles and maybe have a laugh or two. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon a technology-inept person who felt like putting together the following list of steps for playing Resident Evil 4 on the Playstation 3.

Fortunately, I've compiled a very easy, step-by-step walkthrough to help you.

1- Download Resident Evil 4
2- Wonder why the fuck I signed a contract for such a slow ISP
3- Do the same amount of shit I would do if I was downloading something from Xbox Live
4a- Discover that I'm having connectivity issues and question whether or not my archaic router firmware is actually the cause of the problem (because it probably is).
4b- Just bitch and be ignorant.
5- Reconnect and start downloading again
6- Be told that there isn't enough free space on my PS3's HDD
7- Feel like an idiot for assuming hard drives are magical infinite buckets of space
8- Spend 3 minutes deleting Heavenly Sword and Enslaved data, because there's no foreseeable way in the future I'll revisit those games again.
9- Whine that 3 minutes of my life are gone. Then ignore that it was my fault those 3 minutes were wasted.
10- Waste 3 minutes of my life whining, but ignore that I just wasted those 3 minutes whining about the last 3 minutes.
11- Wait five minutes at most for something to install.
12- Speak in hyperbole about stuff.
13- Post some stupid article like this in the cBlogs, just like other writers do, where it belongs so I don't waste space and bump down work from other writers who are actually trying to do their jobs.

Hay guize I can use intarnets too! :|

In all seriousness though, stuff like this is pretty much exactly what I meant during my blog about improving things on Destructoid. I still don't think Niero needs to sink to flame-bait to generate hits for his site.
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