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Obscurity: A Tough Scale


That's what I think obscurity is all about: sharing enjoyable experiences with the people you think would not typically get the chance to. For instance, I introduced one of my best friends to Katamari Damacy and the first thing he said to me after touching the controls was "I didn't know games like this existed". And for a person who grew up on Call of Duty and Halo, it has now become his favorite game series. Similarly, my brother shares obscure movies (Big Man Japan) and music (Jay Reatard) with me since he knows that movie-watching and music-hunting are not big hobbies of mine.

So no offense, but if you comment saying "You should try out Game A and Game B because they're just like Game C, but more obscure" then I will probably shrug it off. Trust me, I know what I'm doing as a gamer and I'll continue to find my own interests. Now if you have suggestions on movies, books, music, then go ahead and mention those. I'm open, and I'm objective.
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