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My apologies: Xbox 360 DOES sell far more exclusives.

First things first, a quick reminder: Contest closes tomorrow at 5pm. Get your asses moving if you want to compete. Moving on.

So... I'm sure you all saw that rant about how stupid people are that they think PS3 exclusives don't perform nearly as well as Xbox 360 exclusives. DNA619 made a passionate, if thoroughly under-researched and overly aggressive blogpost and it attracted all kinds of ire. I commented in that post, and I actually made a bit of a research error.

I stated that the sales numbers for titles on each console which sold more than a million were the following, per Wikipedia:

Total Sales of Exclusive PS3 Titles which broke 1 Million: 38.69 Million Units
Total Sales of Exclusive Xbox 360 Titles which broke 1 Million: 37.9 Million Units

I also posited that with that information in hand, and the general nature of release schedules, you could extrapolate from the currently available data that the PS3 and Xbox 360 sell more or less equal numbers and that saying one side or the other 'wins' at exclusives was childish bickering and nothing more.

Then, while checking the the page in question, I noticed that the Xbox 360 list I used to arrive at the 37.9 Million Units above actually only listed the titles which sold more than three million units. Springing into action, I have corrected that oversight below.

Total Sales of Exclusive PS3 Titles which broke 1 Million: 38.69 Million Units
Total Sales of Exclusive Xbox 360 Titles which broke 1 Million: 51.17 Million Units

Thus, everyone who claims that the Xbox 360 sells more exclusives, rejoice! You were not fully wrong, as DNA619 claimed. You were not even half-wrong, as I'd originally thought. You were completely and totally right! The Xbox 360 sells far more exclusives than the PS3, which means that by comparison, PS3 exclusives DO, in general, do fairly poorly.

I'm glad we cleared that up.
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