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Relaxation: Are "relaxing" games more relaxing?

I think I almost broke my brain while thinking too much about stuff when working on this weeks topic. It initially started as a review/thoughts blog but then transformed into a blog questioning why soothing and slow paced games exist and if they relax you more than for example fps games. But In the end I feel like finally managed to piece together something somewhat cohesive, which is why I�m posting it here. I�m also glad that it made me go trough the subject more thoroughly because frankly, I find it to be a pretty fascinating topic. I would like to advice you to start the water-cooker and make yourself a coup of chamomile tea to help you relax, or if you don�t feel like it skip that stuff, do what YOU feel makes you relax, because that�s partially what this blog is about, so get ready because this stuff is about to get dopey, which is how I like it !

So how about you guys? Do you think that �relaxing� games has the potential to be more relaxing than other games? Or does it all come down to what type of games you prefer?
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