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Consistency and Plausibility in Demon's Souls


The swamp has almost no visibility, so the goblins have planted burning torches on islands, which the game does a very good job of showing you blearily in the distance. For closer spaces, they have candles everywhere, their constancy lending credence to the idea of a windless, stagnant valley or bowl.

These creatures live in basically the most inhospitable place you encounter in the game. Somehow, with their rickety, nearly-collapsing constructions of splitered wood they've managed to make a home for themselves by hoisting off the ground, away from the foul muck. The look of their abodes reminds me of the tree-houses of the Ewoks, but more dilapidated. The way each triangular tent is assembled and the haphazard way the planks are leaned against one another just feels real to walk through.

As I waltzed through, a veritable demigod of power, slaughtering them left and right, I couldn't help but feel a pang of regret. Aren't they just defending their home?

These areas all, they're as important a part of the game as any of the other fine aspects. At first glance I thought Demon's Souls looked crude and lacked production values, but with a closer eye, I find there's real artistry there.

Screenshots mostly from the great videos by maxtrixandraia.
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