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Improvements: Various Cbloggy Things

I won't mess around much. Straight to the meat.

#1: Since I asked about it in the panel: what's the best way to go about submitting pictures for that community picture rotating image in the upper left corner of the cblogs? Upload to dtoid and put in a blog post? Can we just link to a flickr photostream or something? Not sure how to do that, exactly.

#2: I'd love to use HTML + CSS (and even Javascript, if I'm really lucky) in writing blog posts. It would give me far more expressive power: tables, styling, horizontal lines, lists, anchors, and so on.

#3: Multiple image upload for cblogs.

#4: Badges for cbloggers.

#5: A way to see all the people who have fapped a blog would be nice, but not crucial.

#6: Editing and deleting my own comments. It's been said a million times. Well, million and one now.

#7: Turn off chat by default. I think it sometimes remembers, but make it always remember. I only turn it on when I have time to schmooze in there. Usually I stay connected by other means, sorry.

#8: I would rather have bi-weekly musings rather than the weekly musings that we have now. As in, a 2 week deadline, not 1 week. For some of us who are working, it's hard to polish an idea to satisfaction in one week.

#9: Some indicator that you have unread messages in your inbox. Maybe light up the "inbox" link and put a number next to it?

#10: There are bugs in the mobile version. For instance, on cblog posts, the comments form doesn't load at all. It throws a PHP error.

#11: On the mobile version, Why is the screen width of it so large? I have to zoom out so that it stops scrolling, and then I can't read anything because the text is too small.

Thanks for listening, guys. I hope at least a few of these see the light of day.
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