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Three Capcom Characters Who NEED to be SSFIV:AE, SFxTekken, or UMVC3 DLC

Hi Folks. Meteorscrap here to share three relatively quick thoughts on characters who flat-out deserve to be brought into the modern age. Let's start with the obvious:

Ryu, of the Breath of Fire series, is a very iconic hero. Despite the five iterations of his existence (matched neatly by variations on his party), he remains constant in many ways: He's always an underdog, he always starts his true quest after meeting a winged chick named Nina, and he's always got a dragon-related transformation to help power him through the tougher battles.

Why he belongs in new media: Much like the beloved Blue Bomber, poor Ryu's series has been cancelled. The last we saw of him was his 2002/2003 outing pictured above, and the official stance is that it's a "resting IP". He deserves the same sort of love that other Capcom unfavourites such as Megaman, Zero, and Tron Bonne get.

As for why Dragon Quarter Ryu? That one's easy: Unlike the other iterations, his transformation is more "Sin against God" and less "Actual Dragon", so no need to come up with an entirely separate dragon model, for one. For two... His Dragon Breath attack is basically BEGGING to be a Super, and the rest of his moves, combined with his mobility, would basically make for a hard-hitting, lightning fast character who's about as fragile as a stack of plates, which I think would be a lot of fun.

Unlike the other two, he'd only fit in for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but what a character he'd make...

Ah well.

So those are my thoughts. Does anyone have anyone that comes to mind when they think of Capcom characters they'd like to see brought into the current generation of fighting games?
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