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The Silent Protagnonist...Why I Don't Mind You

Unfortunately, this post is not about Destructoid blogger "The Silent Protagonist". I apologise for any confusion.

I'm a Man/Boy of few words. I don't talk alot. I prefer the company of things that don't judge me. Therefore unfortunately I don't mix that well with people, even though I really want to. To be honest, I've always existed on the fringe, never really in the spotlight. I'm actually kind've nervous about Eurogamer this year and if I meet any cool people there. I have no idea what you guys do, even if I'm allowed to hang with you guys or whether it's like an over 18 thing. I'm going on Friday, I'm actually skipping school, that's how much I wanna go. But I'm chatting bullshit here, back onto the main point.

Imagery is strange. When you read a book, it doesn't describe every detail. In the author's mind, if they don't describe it, they might think the character is wearing just a simple black t-shirt, whereas in my head, I might think the t-shirt has some obscure 90's game reference on it. If i see this scene translated into an image, and the author choice's is the one they pick, then my image is gone, irrelevant, no reason for it to exist anymore.

When I play with a silent protagnonist, in those moments where all is "silent" (yes, that was a pun) and calm, I sometimes like to explore the head of my character. I like to imagine what he might be thinking. What might be running through his head after some of the crap he's been through in the past five minutes. What he might be pondering about. What he might be discussing in his head about the choices he's going to have to make. It makes the character more human. In those few seconds to even a minute make the character so much more...3D. I've moulded the character into something different. Microscopicly different, but different nonetheless. It allows creativity. To create a mind, a personality for the character. They give you a cardboard cut-out. It's your job to give him personality.

Probably no-one else does this besides me.

P.S I apologise for this atrocious blog. I didn't have any inspiration and it's really late (like 1 AM). Also I'm thinking about creating a Minecraft Comic set in a steampunk setting. Any ideas?
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