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PAX Prime 2011: The Games

While at PAX, I played a few games. Shocking, I know. I didn't play a whole lot, but here's my rundown of what I played and saw.

Lollipop Chainsaw
Out of everything I played, this game was my favorite. Gameplay wise it was nothing very new. Think the zombies of Dead Rising, mixed with a fluid combat system. The thing that really made this game is the same thing that makes almost every Suda51 game: The Charm. One of the boss fights had you up against a rockstar zombie, who was attacking you with giant words like "Vanilla Slut" and "Fucking Cocksucker". No More Heroes 2 was my favorite game of 2010, Shadows of the Damned is (for now) my runner up for game of the year 2011, and this is looking like it's going to put itself up there for me in 2012. Fun stuff.

The Darkness II
For those of you who don't know, I ended up winning the Dtoid contest to be a VIP of 2K games and skip the line to play The Darkness II. I liked what I played. The beginning of the demo had you being dragged by a guy at the resturaunt you were at while it's under attack by some unknown assailants. While you're being dragged, you have to shoot away. Some parts of that ended up feeling weird to aim, because you were at angles. After that you unleash The Darkness, and raise hell. That's when the game gets really fun. You can pick up stuff with your tentacles and throw them. I impaled several guys with poles lying around. The game was very fun and seems promising.

Street Fighter x Tekken
Surprisingly when I went to the Capcom booth there was practically no waiting. Nothing too spectacular to say about the game itself. It's another Capcom fighter, and I know I'm going to buy it. The controls did feel a little weird when I was playing with Ryu. That could have been because I was playing with a fight stick though, when I normally play with a controller. Overall, good fighter. I'm looking forward to the final one.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 definitely felt different compared to the original, while still managing to feel familiar. I played with 2/3 of my usual team: Wolverine and Ryu. For my last I decided to go with a new character, which was Ghost Rider. Wolverine has been changed around a little, and has some new attack where he punches really fast. Ghost Rider was pretty fun, and had a lot of long range attacks that weren't projectiles. With all the improvements they've made to the game, and the twelve new characters, I feel it's worthy of being a whole new retail package. And for only $40, that's a bargain.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
In the DR2:OTR demo, they had you running around Uranus Zone in the newly announced Sandbox Mode. If you've ever unlocked Survival Mode in the first Dead Rising, it's similar to that, but with a few changes. Around Fortune City you'll find challenges set up to earn money and medals. A couple of the challenges I saw were ones like "Kill as many zombies as you can with the amusement park rides in 90 seconds" and "Kill as many zombies as possible in 30 seconds". It's looking like this game is adding enough to also be better off as a $40 retail game compared to just being DLC.

Payday: The Heist
In Payday: The Heist, you have a team of four people go into a bank and rob it. I unfortunately messed it up by drawing my weapon and having the cops called in earlier than needed. I really like the concept of the game. You can take hostages and trade them for your teammates in case they've been captured by the police. The only problem I had with the game was the AI of the police. I'd come around to the side or behind a cop, and it'd take him a few to turn around and acknowledge me. Granted, the game isn't supposed to be out for a while, so hopefully that'll be something that's fixed in the future.

Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 wasn't playable, but they did live demos with the game. What they showed us was really awesome. The game looks much prettier with more life and colors. The new guns were pretty awesome. The new weapons are pretty awesome, and the tweaks they made to the existing brands were way more noticeable than in the first. They were saying one of the brands is declared a junk brand, so whenever you reload the weapon you throw the gun and it explodes, and a new one appears in your hand. It was similar enough to the original game, but had so many different tweaks to the existing formula that were needed. I'm really looking forward to the final version.

Prey 2
Prey 2 was another eyes on game. They had live demos every hour or so at the Besthesda booth. From what they showed, it looks really cool. Think of a game taking place in the seedy parts of Coruscant from Star Wars, and getting to be Boba Fett, minus the jetpack and George Lucas "He died in the sarlaac pit and has daddy issues" effect, and that's pretty much Prey 2. A way different departure from the first, but it looks damn amazing. They were telling the truth. The gameplay isn't far off from the trailer.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
I was surprised how little of a wait there was for this. I walked up and was able to play within ten or so minutes. That being said, it was way worth the wait. Skyward Sword managed to feel like a Zelda game, while making a lot of different changes. One of my favorites is the overworld all being in the sky. I didn't get to explore it, but I did get to experience a little with the bird flying. I also did the boss fight, and got to play with some of the combat. The sword movements are pretty precise. If you swipe upwards you do a vertical spin slash. Sideways does a horizontal spin. More changes included the ability to sprint, which was accompanied with a stamina bar, shield blocking now appears to have a meter so you can't hold up your shield at all times (the better the shield the larger the bar it seems), and the item menu is all done in realtime. So to use an item you have to be sure you're in a safe place, otherwise you can get interrupted. This game was a "I'll get it eventually" purchase before, but after playing just ten or so minutes of the game, I'm pretty damn impressed.

Skyrim was the last game I played. And I must say, it was damn fun. I quickly made a basic character (named Squidbear Killa) and took off for adventure. The world of Skyrim felt so alive, with birds and butterflies flying around, fish swimming up stream, and people yelling at you for lighting chickens on fire. Oh yeah. I used a fire spell. Once I equipped that the game quickly turned into Burning Stuff: The Game. I was shooting my fire at everything just to see if it would catch on fire. At one point I found an annoying kid who kept asking an adventurer in town about his adventures. So I shot fire at him until my mana ran out. You can't kill kids in the game, much like the Fallout games, but it was still fun. Then I light some Imperial Guards on fire and ended up dying. Overall it was really fun. I'm more excited for Skyrim now than I was before!

And that's it. I wish I had some more time to play more games, but overall I was satisfied with everything that I played. Everything I played was good, and I enjoyed it all! I can't wait to play the final version of all these games.
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