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Demo Impressions: Warhammer 40k � Space Marine


Another section of the game is focused on getting a handle for the jetpacking sections of Space Marine. With the jetpack equipped your dive/roll action (the PS3 X button) is replaced with activating said jetpack. From a standing position hitting X will shoot you up into the air for a few moments, if you're moving forward hitting X will rocket you forward and slightly upward (from which you can then hit X again to go even further airborne). While in mid-air, your melee attack becomes a ground-pound attack. A cursor will appear on the ground below you indicating where your ground-pound attack will land. The attack itself will stun enemies around you and kill enemies in direct proximity to where you make your sweet-ass landing. It makes a great tactic for taking out emplacements of enemies and also for gaining back health in a hurry.

While I'll admit that I've never gotten very into the Warhammer 40,000 series, the demo for Space Marine has definitely put this game (and the franchise itself, to a lesser effect) back on my radar. There really isn't a lot in this game that is doing anything you haven't seen before, but the way everything mixes together here just creates an undeniable feeling of pure fun. My only sarcastic complaint is that there are ever-so-brief thirty second lulls in combat that should totally be filled with Orks totally ready to be killed. The Playstation 3 version of the demo played fine and without a hitch, and from what I've heard from a friend of mine there's apparently no difference what so ever between it and the Xbox 360 version. The PC demo plays noticeably smoother thanks to a kick in framerate; and with built-in Xbox 360 controller support (yay!) it feels like the superior version of the game.

Opinion: Fucking Buy It
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