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(Re)building after a broken image. PART 3


Finally, what�s new? As previously mentioned, the set will be completely different. With that said, I need to purchase a high chair and I don�t have the money for it at the moment. Yeah, being broke sucks. Another new addition will be something I will introduce in the third episode. With �The Pacifist Gamer�, I have enjoyed a relative success. This has been made possible by the community who views, rates and comments my videos and blog posts. Without you guys, the show would be nothing. Thanking everyone is simply not enough. I want to give back to those who have helped me along the way. That�s why about halfway through each episode, there will be a short commercial break. That portion will belong to the community. If you have a series, a blog, a comic strip or art that is gaming related, I want you to advertise on my show. Oh and it�s absolutely free. Rules and guidelines will be given at a later time.

So far, these are the specs for the updated show. By the next blog entry, the show should be on track for shooting. Until then, there will be a small post with the guidelines and rules to submitting your commercial. Look for that to come out very soon.

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