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Redshirt Podcast episode 1 is live! We need questions/topics for episode 2!

Hello hello! A couple of weeks ago I said me and some fellow interns were all getting together to shoot the shit for your entertainment. Now, it was called Awkward First Sex for a reason as it took us a good while to test the waters and get used to each other. As time went on we got all deep and intellectual about them vidja games I hear the kids like these days. Topics ranged from me ranting about Metroid's 25th Anniversary, Catherine, Shadow of The Colossus and our favorite sammich.

Redshirt Podcast: Awkward First Sex
Hosts: Victoria Medina and Liam Fisher
Guests: Brett Zeidler and Steven Hansen
Song provided by the ultra-talented and equally generous AlphaDeus! <3
You should also be able to subscribe to us on iTunes. But I wouldn't know because, you know, Zune.

So on to Episode 2! It will again be hosted by Victoria Medina and Liam Fisher with guests Daniel Starkey and Abel G. For this week I will again ask for your questions, but this time we'd also like to try something a little different. What topics would you guys like them to talk about? Just sound off in the comments and we will get to whatever burning questions you guys have!

Thanks for listening! <3
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