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eSports Wrap-Up: So, Why Not?


Overall my point is simple. Who cares if they want to call their place in the video game world �eSports� or �competitive gaming�? Who cares if they are �cyber athletes� or anything like that? Who cares if people want to sit-down and cheer for a certain player instead of actually playing the game? Hardcore gamers, casual gamers, motion gamers, PC gamers, console gamers, competitive gamers, social gamers, they�re words used to describe how people want to play the video games they love. And that�s all they are, words. People wanting to call themselves competitive gamers or part of eSports won�t affect you in any way, shape, or form. Someone flying to Las Vegas to participate in a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament isn�t going to stop you from sitting on your couch to play Catherine just like a person saying they game competitively isn�t going to alter how you play Metal Gear Solid 4. Who cares if eSports doesn�t fit in the proper definition of �sports�? To these people they consider it a sport and that, in the end, is all that really matters. What gives anybody else the justification to rain on their parade?

They use the label of eSports because it best describes how they love to play their video games. To paraphrase Kevin Butler�s speech one more time; isn�t that why we�re all here, because we love video games?

That is why we�re all here talking about this, because we all love video games.
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