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Ready... ready for the big ride, bayy-beee....


Lot of new games on the horizon, lot of new shit based on old shit, pretty much the same shit we've played but now it doesn't look like shit, instead it makes the old shit look like shit.

To play said new shit my rig (AKA, My Personal Computer) has undergone a few new upgrades. First, the power supply has climbed up to 550W. That was necessary to accomodate the Phenom II X6 processor and my most recent addition- a GTX 560. Sorry AMD, love your processors but your GPU drivers lick gods balls. Not satans balls however, because they're too good for you.

So, Witcher 2 shoots up to almost everything at full- a few things remain switched off, but that's alright because at even just low specs that game kind of pisses on my 360 and PS3.

C'mon Battlefield 3, Skyrim, et al... Do your worst.
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