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(Re)building after a broken image. PART 2


Since the release of the second episode, I have been filming a lot test shots. For every new idea I’ve had, I filmed an improvised scene to see how it looked. Sadly, nothing worked. Everything felt like a “good sequence that cannot evolve beyond a certain point”. For example, a few close-up shots of a character explaining something may be great for a scene but eventually, it gets mundane and it needs to evolve. Granted, in some cases it works (“The Feel Again (Stay)” by Blue October) but most of the time, it comes off as dull.

I think that the main problem I am having is that I want to be creative artistically rather than mentally. I am more interested in the visuals than the content. In a way, my bachelor’s degree in filmmaking has a powerful hold on me. I don’t want to be in front of a camera acting out a script I wrote; I want to adapt something and use an actor or actress. Sadly, with my “colossal” budget (0$), I have no choice but to do everything myself.

So, what now? Well, to be honest, I really don’t know. I could easily go back to the same format as the first episodes but with the suggested modifications. My only issue with this is that I see myself fighting an uphill battle artistically and with Internet viewers. I can easily imagine getting tired of making the same thing over and over again. I need some kind of an artistic angle to feel like every episode is a challenge. Also, convincing viewers that the updated version is better will be very difficult, especially if it only has a few tweaks.

So what direction should be taken? I have no idea but I am sure of one thing: it has to change enough to stimulate both the audience and I.
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