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eSports: Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sports


I�m not going to be the guy who starts his article with a definition of the word �sports,� but it�s fair to say that that word does not belong to those who can throw an object 50 yards, or those who run several blocks in 8.3 seconds. Sport, on its most fundamental level, is people competing. And whether it�s the Superbowl, or an Albanian regional staring contest, the point of sport boils down to people being in competition with one another.

When you throw a lowercase E in front of sport, I start to take issue. See, eSport sounds a hell of a lot like sport, but it isn�t. It exists to separate competitive gamers from participants of more traditional, athletic activities. It�s a way of very easily saying that what a certain sect of people are doing is not in fact sport, but something else that likes to pretend it�s sport. This, to me, is wrong. If you�re playing a round of CoD, or racing in Need for Speed, then you�re part of a sport. Unfortunately, beyond the borders of gaming, the mindset is not the same, the irony being that the term eSport has come from the gaming press, and us, the gamers. We have sectioned ourselves off, and shot our own competitive scene in the knee caps, reducing it to a shortbus-riding version of something bigger.

I don�t mind that competitive gaming be something all of its own, but it�s a sport. If you�re a CoD player, then you still play sports, your sport just happens to be CoD, and so on/so forth. Sport, as a concept, got all fucked up when society decided to throw the word itself at folk doing athletic things, but at its root a sport is just a competition between people. If you�re an absolute boss at Starcraft, or Madden, then there should be no unwritten guideline deeming the skills you possess as any less useful than those of Dwayne Wade or Serena Williams. And perhaps dropping terms like eSports from the lexicon of our own community would be a small step on the way to making that a reality.
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