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Through the Looking Glass

I had the pleasure yesterday of meeting the most adorable little boy. He was with his mom in the store buying clothes for school. As his mom came up to the counter to pay for the merchandise, he fiddled away the time playing on his DSI. I asked him what game he was playing. He told me Pokemon. I asked him which Pokemon game he was playing and this led into a lengthy conversation about the various games, Pokemon he had caught, and the Pokemon TV series. As his mom gathered up her purchase and they turned to leave, I overheard him tell her in an excited whisper, "See mom! Even adults play Pokemon!" Her response was, "You should be more worried about other things, like school coming up." I gave a slight sigh knowing that once, a long time ago, I was like her.

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I've never enjoyed writing a bio. It's equivalent to trying to sell yourself to a potential employer, but with a higher chance of not having anything to offer that will benefit the current community you're interested in joining. In an online community you throw your arms up in the air and yell "Here I am!", and then sit back hoping someone takes notice in the good you do, while on the same note, you hope you don't get ridiculed for a stupid action. I suppose at least there's the anonymity of being on the web, so with that I'll throw my arms up and attempt an introduction blog.

Lost Kitty by Adam Hughes

I am a collector of fantasy, video game, and comic book art. In fact, if you were to walk into my office you'd probably believe you stepped into a game shop of some sort. You know the little shops where you can go to get miniatures, dice, game cards, and comics. They closed ours down not long ago. Sad days. I love the work of the artists that have done pieces for Dungeons & Dragons, such as William O'Connor, Larry Elmore, and Todd Lockwood. Adam Hughes, Melanie Delon, Brian Froud, and Luis Royo are a few other artists that I enjoy. I could probably list 20 more names here, but I won't.

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