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Who or what is ruining the gaming industry and will there be another game crash?


With the greed of companies, numerous sequels to games and lack of all-round support of games, I foresee another gaming crash. What kill the gaming industry in America in 1983? The greed of companies is what did it. Everyone wanted the piece of the gaming pie. Many companies thought they can capitalize when they tried to make a game based on the hit arcade Pac-man or make a movie based game like E.T on the Atari 2600. They put too many eggs in their basket and people got wise and realize that companies didn�t care about the quality of their games. Companies of the past thought they could release a lot of shovel ware and get away with robbery. Companies today are doing something similar and they see the consumers as lolly pops ready to get lick. Until people realize this, companies like Capcom will continue to make stupid decisions. If there is another crash, it�s all good. I have bomb shelter full of retro games to entertain me for a lifetime. Unlike many games of today, games particularly during the 16-bit era are timeless masterpieces that never become boring to play over time.
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