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Motion Control: Where Do We Go From Here?

Have you ever watched the movie The Gamer? It stars Gerard Butler as a forced participant in an online game, in which other players control the participants in the game. Logan Lerman plays the young boy who got his claim to fame in the popular online game by the means of controlling Butler. It was a mediocre movie, to say the least. Right now you may be asking what this has to do with motion control. My answer to you would be nothing, yet everything.

If you're young then it's probably of no concern to you. But I'm getting older. Right now I don't want motion control in my FPS. Leave my RPGs alone. However, at some point I may not be able to hold that controller and the only means of enjoying a game may just be motion control. Here's what I ask of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and the game developers - stop pushing it in my face by putting it in games that we don't need it in. Concentrate more on games like Child of Eden, or original games that have been developed from the start only for the use of motion control. Don't tell me I can play SOCOM4 using it, make a FPS specifically for it. Let me be Logan Lerman controlling my character in a game by voice and movement alone. Let me interact with my team in an RPG without mixing motion control and a standard controller together. Give me a reason to embrace motion control and do what everyone wants to do - have fun playing games. If you can't do that, then motion control will die the gimmick it's been all along.
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