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Casual gamer,Hardcore gamer... Oh wait I got a new term "veteran gamer".


To reiterate myself, I have been gaming all my life and this has been the first time in which I had to question myself and cause unnecessary worries of what type of gamer I am. Who should care and why should I care most of all? Just play videogames for the love of gaming and don�t worry about what your peers might say. If you like the Wii, then don�t be a shame and if you like the Xbox 360 and PS3, don�t shame yourselves. Anyway, like I said I don�t care for labels and even though I called myself veteran gamer; I only call myself that to answer the question in the unlikely event that someone ask, �what type of gamer I am.� Though I can avoid terms as a whole and simply say, �I�m a gamer.� If anyone asks me, �What do you consider yourself, a hardcore or casual gamer,� I would say, �Neither, I�m a veteran gamer.�
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