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Rubbish Bin: Haze Part 1


Generic yet cool soldier design...

We Love To Hate You

What Haze tried to accomplish was attaching morality to the killing in every shooting game out there. A rough trick to be certain. They attempted this by focusing on a shifted perception towards a righteous cause, the kinds of tactics that have been proven in almost all theatres of war. That was the core concept of the game.

When Haze dropped, like all PS3 exclusives at the time, it had the heavy burden of validating the hardware. Haze, as a game, had to prove it was worth $660 dollars, a task rarely expected of games in any other era. Some reviewers came forward and said, "Not a good game, but playable." Would it have dropped in the middle of titles like Prey and The Darkness, the bar would still be set pretty low. Modern Warfare, Uncharted, Warhawk, and even Halo 3 had all come out, adjusting the bar far beyond reasonable expectations. Right around the corner, and even more damning, MGS4 was due in less than a month. As a symbol of the much hated PS3, or a failure to live up to the hype, Haze rubbed some people the wrong way and boy, were they going to pay for their crimes.

After Haze's public shaming, the game refused to shift copies at retail. Within two weeks, $20 was being marked off MSRP leading Ludwig Kietzman to associate Batman's difficulty disposing a bomb to Haze's ultimate destiny. (Yet these same parallels were not being made for Portal 2, Hot Pursuit, Mortal Kombat, or other games people liked) As I followed Haze's progress through interviews on Gamasutra, I was shocked at the reaction and wondered if I should wait. My copy was acquired for a scant $10 and sat on my shelf until recently, when I booted up and installed the game...

Next Episode: My Early Days In Mantel...
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