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Interview With ... "Frostbite" Series Director, Tyler "Ty" Coker

There are very few quality shows on Youtube. Frostbite is one.

Frostbite follows the story of UNSC Private Ryan Young, who works for the military police, while privately investigating the murder of his former colleague, John Eden. Oh, and did I mention the sun died on the 7th July 2347? Because that's kind of important. The Government have built a unit (known as the H.O.P.E Unit) to replace the sun. But something is amiss through this perfect picture...

Here are the links for the episodes:


With the Season 1 Finale just finished, I got in touch with the creator, TY Coker to talk to him about what I think, is one of the most immersing story I have seen in a long time.

Q:What Inspired you to make the series?

A: A lot of my inspiration for any of my series is music, wether it be lyrics or the feel or emotion I get from a song that I decide to pour into my machinima. Lyric-wise, the general concept came from the song Frostbite by Parkway Drive. As for the emotion aspect, alot of the feel I try to create in Frostbite came from the feel I get from listening to The Sound of Animals Fighting (It's a band, look it up!)

Q:Why turn it into Machinima?

A:Well for obvious resource reasons. I can get a capture card for 60 bucks and have a cavalcade of game engine material to film with, or I can spend a fortune on HD camera's, costumes, lighting and sound equipment, and multiple actors. in a Machinima, I can voice 5 people at the same time and have them talk to eachother, that's just something you can't do in real life.

Q:What were your influences for the project?

A: A lot of my influence comes from my fans/subscribers. When that like bar goes up and the view count sky rockets (sorta) it just makes me feel awesome and it makes me anxious to create newer better material to please my audience.

Q:Was it tough making the show?

A:The toughest part of the entire project was mastering the shakey camera movement. Other than that, it all seemed natural constructing and puppeteering a scene, mostly done by myself and 4 controllers. On some rare occasions like needing to have 4 people move at the same time, I call in the big guns! (Meaning, I give Daniel 2 controllers and I move the other 2.)

Q:Have the fans influenced it in anyway?

A:Well, the fans deffinately influence us to keep making it, but if you mean 'Have the fans influenced the story events' or anything, that's a no. Frostbite was already mostly written before the end of SYNAW Season 1 and Memories, but we've tweaked in a few more plot twists since we started.

Q:Is the main character a reflection of yourself?

A:I get asked that alot, and I'm not quiet sure. I can deffinately see a little bit of me whenever Ryan is being a smart ass like when he's talking to the crazy guy in the prison scene. But other times, Ryan is much more determined and persistant with a sort of take-charge personallity beyond me.

Q: Can you tell me anything about the next season?

A:I suppose so. Book 2 is called 'Moments in Oblivion'... what exactly that means... I guess you'll have to find out in the story trailer later this year :P

I'd really like to thank TY for talking to me and go check out his channel, BloodChainProduction
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