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Review - Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues

A mysterious radio signal randomly starts broadcasting to the Courier's Pip-Boy, notifying him of a midnight science fiction movie showing at the Sunset Drive-In. He approaches the long abandoned drive-in and sees a movie playing on the old dilapidated screen. Projecting the images is an old satellite that appears to conveniently crashed there from space. As the Courier approaches the satellite, a strange sensation overcomes him, and is whisked away. He awakens to find surgical scars on several parts of his body. It is then when the Courier must go on his most important quest, and find his most valuable possession: HIS BRAIN!

This is how Old World Blues, the third addon for Fallout: New Vegas, starts out. You find that your brain has been removed by brain-in-jar scientists from Big MT's The Think Tank, and has been stolen by the nefarious Dr. Mobius. Dr. Klein and his colleagues send you on a quest to find items necessary for the fight against Dr. Mobius and his army of robo-scorpions.

The dialogue of Old World Blues is much different compared to New Vegas and its other addons. While they had a much more serious tone with a joke cracked every so often, Old World Blues was very comical. It took a while to finish the opening dialogue and get out to exploring, but it was worth it. I found myself laughing as soon as I started talking to Dr. Klein, calling my fingers and toes penises.

Sweet shot of me and my axe.

Overall, Old World Blues was a great purchase. It was funny, fun, and challenging. Out of all the addons so far, this one is by far my favorite. Old World Blues is a no brainer for those of you still on the fence for buying addons. If you own New Vegas, buy it.
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