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The Road to Limbo


Each place in Limbo clearly has some old story, some lost purpose. The waterworks, the aqueduct, the broken hotel, the strange, clanking, steaming machinery, a lone boat left on a shore... for whom? Their forgotten purposes echo in the same way as some things in The Road, like the abandoned train engine or sailboat they encounter.

The themes of purgatory and transition are heavy in the book. The man talks at several different points about the state of having nobody left at all, or of the world as it will be like when everyone finally dies. There is no possible situation he imagines in which humans (or any creatures, it seems) survive; they will only pass through and expire. So too in Limbo, there is no place for the boy in the game. He must only pass through.

And the endings of both, while ambiguous, have a similar tone. I'll not spoil either. Both works of media share a few similar themes, enough to give me pause and consider them. I find it interesting that I can play this game in one media, then read this book--a totally separate media, and largely disconnected from it--and immediately change my perception of the game.
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