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My Time...At The Arcade

I walk in (well duh!). I take in my surroundings and realise this is my kind of place. I've been saving up for this holiday and I can't think of anything better to spend money on. I head over to the Change Machine. Feed in a 10 note. 10 1 coins plunk down. I scrape them out of the machine, and take a look around.

I see faded racing machines. A "Snipe=Money" game. My eyes catch a flurry of colours, but I'm disappointed when it's just a dance game. I shake my head, and head for the door. Perhaps I made a mistake coming here. I head for the door, and take one last look around.

And There it is.

My friend cocks the shotgun with one hand, in a typical action hero fashion. We laugh and then we both fix our eyes on the screen. Shooting, reloading it all becomes a blur. We reach into our pockets and pour in coins. Everything around us doesn't matter anymore. I'm holding my breath. My trigger finger was working impossibly fast. I must have looked crazy. A small crowd of four or five people was chattering behind me. My hearing became numb. My eyes started to sting from being open so long. My head became light. For those brief seconds, I believed we weren't going to make it. His health bar was still there. It was mocking me, taunting me, being so tantalizingly close.


The finishing cutscenes were playing. I no longer had any idea what was happening in the story. I was too busy smiling with glee. I looked at my friend and he was doing the same. I breathed a sigh of relief. I saw my stats. The 18th out of 50. Not bad, I said to myself, the other gun was 29th. I turned round and headed towards the door. I took one look back at the machine.

Another game bested.
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Alright, let's try this again.

My name is Alex. I'm 15 and I hide in my dark corner of the internet writing a so-called "blog" here on Destructoid. I think far too critically of myself which has reflected on my personality, as I'm cyncical and highly critical of...well a lot of stuff.

Anyway, games. It was all about the GameBoy Advance when I was young, and have grown up on an unhealthly diet of portable gaming (GBA,DS,PSP), a recent introduction of console gaming , lots of fictional media, and yummy food.

I'm lazy and very day-dreamy, non-committal and kind of temperamental. Plus I get distracted easily...I'm really painting a rosy picture here aren't I? Still, if you stick around, (I'm hoping) you may find something of quality here, and who knows, I don't think I'm THAT bad, right...right?

So yeah, vidjo games.

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