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Review: Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon


Too bad after the next mission these weapons and upgrades will be useless.

The graphics on all texture and enemies seem washed out or dusty. The characters seem to be the only bright things on the landscape, if you choose a bright color for your armor.

My biggest disappointment is that I can pick out a disappointment in the gameplay, graphics, and sound departments of this game. Which is every department. From the washed out textures to audio that is worse than lack luster, what else is there to say about it. EDF: Insect Armageddon just sucks. It's a shitty game. It's a chore to kill enemies. Some enemies have too much health and take too damn long to kill. The weapons are boring, and while each of the four classes are well balanced to their traits, they all have essentially the same weapons. It's just that for the jet pack class, weapons recharge on energy instead of on a clip. Which makes little difference unless you're hovering around - which I might add seems kind of pointless. Even with the jet pack you can't really get to or stay on high ground. Anyway...

I'm a fan of the series, as an EDF game it is the least content filled yet, has little replay-ability, and should only be considered as a purchase if you have friends who are willing to game with you online or right beside you in split-screen mode. Otherwise, even as a budget title of $39.99 it really is not worth it. The whole ploy behind this price point is so that you might recommend it to friends as a budget title, something small and silly you can have a laugh or two playing with a buddy. EDF: Insect Armageddon is meant to be played in co-op. It has persistent AI that follows you around in place of real people throughout the campaign, and another hint is that the AI is so annoying you'll want to play with real people so they'll just shut the hell up.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is a simple game and for some the small instances of fun might be enough. It takes little to no effort to play, the point system, experience system, and currency systems are all trivial and you can just ignore them completely without running into trouble. Actually, while you are at it just go right on ahead and ignore this game completely.

3 out of 10

My logic for this rating?

Negative Points:
-1 for graphics they are sub par and try to play it safe in this regard to keep frame rates steady.
-1 for sound. Sound effects are lack lustre at the best of times. The music is tripe.
-1 for gameplay. It isn't fun shooting a giant spider in the ass for five minutes.
-1 for the tier system.
-1 for the irrelevant currency system.
-1 for 0 replay value.
-.5 for Steve Blum.
-.5 for no bouncing bodies and rag doll.
- The included instruction booklet is three pieces of black and white paper. Lame.

Positive Points:
+1 for having co-op campaign and 8 player online.
+1 for having interesting enemies and enemy variance.
+1 for having one personality, and a shinning one at that. Oh captain my captain.
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