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IF there was only one Videogame Company

Imagine if there was only one videogame company, would this be a good thing or bad thing? Mabey it would be a good thing. If Sony and Micrococ joined with Nintendo there would be uter peace in the galaxy. No more would you have to buy a two difrent systems inorder to play Zelda and Uncharted, no more trolling or angry gamers yelling at each other. All we will have to complane about is videogames... not videogame companys.
On the downside though... if this one company gives us crapy devices to play are games on, we are in for a wourld of HURT. Imagine if we had to play all are games on a I-pod like device because this company thought touch screens were the future. It would be like eating steak out of a dog bowl covered in $hit. Do you think it would be good having only one Videogame Company, or do you think it is a terrible terrible idea? I will post your answers in my next Blog.
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