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Bits of Legend Playtest Results + Contest Winner


Cleric... needs... nerfed... badly...

And now for the contest. Sorry spammer for Adult Dating Site, you're not eligible. Rolling 2 d6's, I came up with 9. From the top to the bottom (of eligible posts), SuperMonk4Ever is our winner of a copy of Haiku. Send me your mailing address (also, wait a couple weeks as I'm in the process of rewriting the rules).

At Origins, I received a copy of Resident Evil: The Deck-Building Game along with the premium play mat which they do not sell. Since I don't care much for the game, I wonder if I'll be giving it away on a future blog post...
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I suppose since one of my stories has been promoted, I'm on the spot to get off my lazy ass and describe myself. I'm a 3D modeler working on Flight Simulators by day, a doodlin nerd by night. I try to remain without system biases but let's face it, no one can do that. I do want to apologize for some of my terrible grammar. I'm hoping to correct this issue as time goes on. I want to get better.

As to which games games I'm into, which ones am I not into is a more apt question. I'm a collector with a fairly massive collection. And, maybe as time rolls on, I'll fill more of this out.
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