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Why I hate the PSVita!

The PSVita is a discusting handheld, It is like mixing chocolate with $hit, and making it look nice. I use to think Sony new what thay were doing with the PSVita, but no more. First off is that they are trying to copy every handheld in existense, they only made a touch screen on the front so you could play all your I Pod games like Fruit ninja with it. There is no way the touch screen will be used for any real games. No hardcore player will ever want there giant thumb infront of there screen, it makes no logical scence to add somthing that would only be used a couple times. The NGP is a compleat re-hash, it has nothing new togive you, all it does is steal original abilities from other home consoles; It steals the graphics from thePS3, the analog sticks from controlers, the touch screen from the DS and Ipad, the touch pad from laptops and the cameras from the DSI. This thing is just a copy-cat, and a bad one too. Hasn`t anyone learned from experience that the feeling of good grphical power goes away after the 1st day? This thing is going to be pointless to have at home or on the go; since it`s just like thePS3 no one is going to play it at home, and since the batery life is so bad no one is going to be able to play it on the go. This leaves the NGP doomed to live a life in dust. (On the other hand, nobody ever gets tired of 3D efects...well I dont.)Lets say that the NGP turns out to be a beutiful system, the developers will probly have no time to suport it because they are too busy making games for the 3DS, PS3, X-box, PSP phone, 3DSware, Wiiware, and the Ipod; by the time the NGP comes out everyone will have one of these things, causing developers to ignore the NGP. The 3DS however has all new material,and fixes all the DS` original problems. Some people might think that 3D is just a gimik because they have watched alot of 3D movies, and none have impressed them, but 3D on the 3DS is not the same as in the movies, let me explane. 3D at the movies is the way it is because film makers always think of the people whaching 2D while making the movie, this causes 3D movies to be much lamer than it whould have been. On top of that is the fact that enimes in movies never shoot bullets at you, they always shoot it at the main character or someone in the movie.... this prevents bullets from flying out of the screen in 3D. How do I know that 3D in the movies won`t be like the 3D on the 3DS? I know this from experience with the 3DS itself.The NGP looks sleek, and the 3DS looks coo,l but only the 3DS has something new to give me. The NGP has a touch screen and a touch pad, but I already have been playing touch contorled games for 4 years and it is already avalible on the DS, 3DS, Ipod, Ipad, and most phones. So I have had my fill on touch screen games. The 3DS has 3D with no glasses, wich I have never experienced berfore. Not to mention that the AR reality games and motion control look awsome and fun. The graphics on theNGP look as good as on the PS3, butall I need in graphical power is for the games to look beter than the WII`s. The 3DS does a nice job of that. I got the anologe stick that Iwanted on the 3DS, so there is no problem there. I just cant see one good reason to get the NGP insted of the 3DS.Dont tell me the games on the NGP are better because I saw those games and I still like the 3DS. That is all I have to say on the subject, and my 3DS friend code is 0387-8791-9402, name: hunter.
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