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Cblogs of 06/20/11 and 06/21/11 + Late Funkisms!


*- Wry Guy Wryviews: Dead Rising 2

*- Debatoid (RIP) is now MassDebate! I liked the old name better Busman! =P

*- Elsa writes another topnotch blog with: So many ugly people!

*- Our resident blank avatar Wryviews: Alice Madness Returns

*- Who is this guy? I hate him! He doesn’t have a Bomberman-esque avatar, nor can I refer to him as “Busman” as easily. He’s lame! Also . . . congratulations mate! ^_^ CaptainBus: The helmet comes off.

*- The Bossman (Niero) has This week in obscure Dtoid site updates: better search

*- Cblog Recapper Superboss (The Zimmerman) made Custom covers for Borderlands

*- MassDebate (*grumble grumble*): In 25 years will sticks/buttons be rare? – RESULTS

M- E3 Afterhype: Stupid criticisms leveled at the Wii U

M- E3 Afterhype: Why There’s a Demand for HD Remakes.

A- SigfriendLion writes about Having a blast with “absolutely awful” games

P- Stephanie K presents us with Streamtoid Test II – 1213 (Streams are now considered “podcasts” in my books! =P)

P- New Pocketoid Episode Records Tonight! (A few nights ago . . .)

S- RPG of the Year – 2006

A- dunnace points out Good Does Not Mean Fun

A- Hecatonchira talks about the good and bad of Trophies, Coins, Achievements – OH MY!

C- Ckarasu is gauging the interest in a contest with some really sweet prizes!

C- Ckarusa provides an updated blog about his contest with more information!

D- Cadtalfryn is seeing if there’s interest in a Dtoid Houston Community Group

C- Red Herring’s contemplations about The Critical Review Debate or …

I- Welcome zxeno to the community yo!

I- Another new face in the form of ShAiOnEi!

I- Here’s flintcsci using his intro to write about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

I- Welcome Roger B to the site and his review of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

T- MrDandyMan thinks Cutscenes Aren’t Sexy

T- phiregsei shares Why the Wii U Will Work

R- Drew a Conclusion Review: Paper Wars HD

T- ManWithNoName shares some thoughts about Assuming Direct Control

D- dunnace proposes I’m Going to Pitch you a Game…

T- ManWithNoName believes that Metacritic, the Critic’s Boogey Man

R- Drewsome Twosome: A Comparative Clash of Section 8: Prejudice & Brink

N- Apparently lulzsec may have leaked your personal information.

T- PK493 asks about The Nostalgia Factor…Does It Still Exist?

M- Kiamet shares with us the Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces – Promotional Trailer

?- An “interesting” list of reasons to buy Duke Nukem Forever . . .

C- I’m being nice . . . but this is the first of a TRIPLE post about Kenny Redublo’s experience at E3.

C- And the second . . .

C- And the third . . . and most interesting one to read may I say!

F- Was a good read . . . until I found out you just copypasta’d it from your own blog . . . FAIL!

F- Hey! It’s another good read from the FAIL above . . . but guess why it’s here?

F- Holy hell! I’ve NEVER heard ANY of these arguments or such before! What an INCREDIBLE REVELATION you’ve provided us!

F- Pure and utter garbage . . .

F- As someone being added to the site/”staff,” you should really know better . . .

F- FAIL 1!

F- FAIL 2!

F- FAIL 3!

F- FAIL 4!

F- FAIL 5!

F- FAIL 6!


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