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I believe I have decided to pass on Ocarina of Time 3D, though I did play it and it's fine. I've already played it in fact. Several times. Why would I want to play it again on a tiny (albeit third dimensionalized!) screen? If you are currently enjoying it then kudos to you. You gave Nintendo encouragement to continue releasing the same games over and over again. I think it's safe to say they are the only game company with the balls to keep charging people for the same shit over and over again. But we buy it, hell I usually buy it, so what are you gonna do?

I have so many games I've never finished that I don't feel I can be bothered with games I've already beaten right now. You know what I mean? I say that but I inevitably will play the same games over and over. Anyone else have that problem?

A lot of cool stuff out now/coming out I would like to get. I like being in a position where I can just go buy whatever game I may want even though I usually don't buy any for some reason. It's a good feeling. I'm reading a lot of positive, and expected, things about Shadows of the Damned. That's all for now.
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Now I'm a 24 year old Customer Service Representative for an evil cellular phone company I spend my spare time (and time that they are paying me to work) playing games. I have an awesome wife who flirts with videogaming and 2 amazing kids. I generally prefer role playing games (of any type), "retro" games, hack and slash and platform games. I'm not really that competitive when it comes to gaming except for fighting games. I love fighting games as well I suppose. I've never had any interest in racing or sports games. I don't like military FPS games. I actually barely like FPS's at all. I do play Left 4 Dead but that's about the only thing I play online right now other than Castle Crashers. The Mother (Earthbound), Dragon Quest, Megaten and Oddworld series are probably my favorite gaming franchises. I suppose that's about it. If you want to know anything else you can ask or follow me on twitter.
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