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I made a Board Game + Contest


All set up and ready to play

All packed up and ready to go.

So now, game designed, printed, and never playtested, it's time to travel and try to find a publisher. The game looks good, should appeal to classic video gamers, and has a design unique all it's own. Let's just hope others agree.

And now, a special contest. In celebration of my game design attempt, allow me to throw up another contest. As Master Snake can attest, this ain't no jive. One commenter to this blog will win a prize. That prize? Why not a game I designed previously. This "self published" title is rare, mainly because I have not tried to get it legitimately published. Only ~20 copies exist though that number will inflate, not likely by much. Ladies and Gentlemen, try to win a copy of Haiku: The Card Game. This simple concept has players collecting sets of cards to create Haikus. To enter, leave a comment. Next Wednesday, I'll create a chart of all the entries and roll up a winner. I'd prefer continental US entries, sorry, don't want to pay a bunch of import tax on something I'm giving away.
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