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A New Contest Approaches! (updated with more info)

A note: It's not about liking the genre at all. It's about giving something different a chance. That's all. Whether you like it or not doesn't really matter, so long as the post is well written and entertaining.

So, it seems enough people are interested in this, so I'm going ahead with it. As a reminder, here is what you have available as prizes (with possibly more to come at a later time):


Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
Rune Factory 3
Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Yggdra Union
Prinny 2


After thinking for a bit, I decided that there was only one genre of game that I wanted to see people write about for this contest: the Free to Play genre of MMOs. Why? Because there's such a big stigma with them. Many have told me they are just WoW clones (which a lot are, but by no means all of them), or that they require money to do well (not all do). I thought it would be an interesting topic.


1.Blogs should be in something that resembles a review format

2.Play until at least between levels 20-30, and try to sample as many features in the game as possible (the level requirement only applies to the RPGs, the are MMOFPSs out there as well)

3.Scores are on a "is it worth my time?" scale

4.Can be submitted in multiple or just one post, your choice

5.Can use blogs other than destructoid to post, just link me to it

6.Must have screenshots of your avatar (so I know you played it. Iclude avatar name as well,and try to make it identifiable)

7.Video reviews can be submitted, but be sure to include at least some written content and proof of playing the game.

8.Only one of the F2P games from Steam can be used. I don't want to make this too easy. I want you to experiment.

9.Can be from any of the F2P MMO genres (there are more than just F2P MMORPGs out there)

10.Say whether or not you plan to go back to the game, and if you'd recommend it to others (Be truthful. A yes is worth the same as a no)

11.Titles of entries should include "Free to Play or Free to Pass?" in them, as to help me recognize them.

12. Must choose at least 2 titles.


I've found a couple of sites that will narrow it down for you:





MMOhuts is pretty decent when it comes to information. It tells you the graphical quality, player base, exp curve, and most games have a relatively informative review. The TvTopes articles just list some of the games that either nickel and dime their customers, or at one point have (some have mended their ways). MMORPG.com just has a list of more F2P MMOs.

Look for games that pique your interest, and make sure you do some research before choosing your games. I do not want you guys to choose whatever is the first thing you find.


Final deadline: August 15th

1st place gets 2 games of their choice
2nd gets one game of their choice
3rd gets one game of their choice

Closing comments: Hope this proves to be a fun and educational experience for you. If you need help finding a game and want a recommendation, then pester me on Steam (I'm not on here all too often). If you don't have Steam (C_karasu), then I guess Twitter will do (the name's Ckarasu on Twitter, BTW).
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