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Introductions and Shenanigans

I guess it's time to get my writing hobby off the ground. I'm surprisingly well versed in writing, but I don't often spend time actually doing it. So I guess that means I need to introduce myself and what I'll be doing here.

My name is J.B. I work as a full-time IT contractor in the state of Oregon and in my off-time, play lots of PC games. Actually, that isn't completely accurate. In my off-time, I spend a considerably large amount of time playing, analyzing and forming opinions about just about everything I read and/or touch.

Sounds dirty with all of this touching and staring! But, I promise it's (mostly) clean. I'll be spending a decent amount of free time writing about games and various technologies and how they relate to gaming. I've spent many years of my life playing video games (a rather vague word on it's own, more on that later) and feel that now is the time to finally start DOING something with that passion. I've dabbled in modding and game design, but nothing serious and nothing with a team of others. I have some side projects I would like to get started on, but time usually constrains them. Writing, on the other hand, is something I can actually pick up on just hit "save" when I need to do something else.

Outside of gaming and technology, I do enjoy a wide variety of other things including; driving, muscle cars, gadgets and technology, astronomy and NASA, music, and just a whole slew of topics. If it's complex and interesting, I've probably done at least some reading about it and have an extremely vague understanding about it.

So let me get started by saying thank you for stopping by for a visit. There will be plenty of changes coming to this blog in the near future and plenty of content in the pipes already.

So hello and thanks, Destructoid and denizens, for being awesome!
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About zxenoone of us since 6:22 PM on 06.19.2011

I'm a highly opinionated gamer from the IT profession. I muck around with servers and Linux. I like to create IT projects at home to learn about things I'll never use, read some of the nerdiest news I can find and read about gaming. I'm also becoming an active blogger on the subject with my experiences and knowledge and hope to actually network my way out of my small box. I'm also exploring something I'm calling "reverse transitioning" from digital gaming to tabletop gaming. Also, I'm performing the grandest experiment of them all: My first born son will arrive in August.