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I'm Going to Pitch you a Game...

And you're going to listen. No, no excuses, sit there and listen. I want this game to be made, and I want to helm this game because it will make me rich famous and respected. All shall love me and despair.

Basic Synopsis: Video game designer is sucked into his hard drive of uncompleted video games. To escape he must delete them to find an exit.

Advanced Synopsis: Gary is a game designer at a huge publisher. Lazy, unmotivated and conceitedly arrogant Gary never finishes any of his project work on time, despite having made over 200 titles for the company. Of those 200, 179 were published and 21 were left “unfinished” or “cancelled”. These 21 will form the levels, each representing a different genre and “cliché”. Gary, called in for employee review, is finally fired from the company who are moving their programming department to China. Gary, enraged at the thought of being fired, promises vengeance, and later that night breaks into the building to wipe all the hard drives and work currently being put into their latest game “Call of Honour”. While jamming a screwdriver into the centre of a hard drive he is hit with an electrical jolt that fries his brain and transmits him into the hard drive. Trapped in a world of his own creation, a world filled with broken physics and half finished floors, he must venture through each of his creations and delete them personally in order to escape. Fortunately for Gary, a security guard who is also a programmer (he works overtime) finds out what has happened and offers assistance from outside the machine, giving Gary a selection of weapons from different games and providing him with helpful tips as to how to escape the next world.

Developments: A consistent character in the game is Lucy, a female character model that Gary made in his spare time. Lucy is the representation of all of Gary’s lustful desires, and as a result only has “sexy” animations. Lucy despises Gary because he is responsible for leaving her in a limbo state on a partitioned disk, and vows to make Gary’s life a hell. At first she is the antagonist, she wrecks plans, destroys bridges etc., and she is perceived to be the main villain by the player for the first act. However, as the game goes on, Lucy slowly starts to feel sorry for Gary, who it is becoming increasingly obvious is regretting making these worlds and not finishing them. Eventually she joins him in his quest to escape, but doesn’t seem to realise she must be deleted in order for Gary to escape. In the final act of the game, Gary tells her what must happen in order for him to escape. She kisses him, mournfully, and then proceeds to start the process to delete herself. Her dying words to Gary are along the lines of her taking control of her own destiny for a change.

Gary as a character undergoes a huge character evolution. At first he is aggressive, angry and “wisecracking” at the world. He is consistently critical of his own shoddy work, and laughs in the face of characters. As the game goes on though he slowly starts to feel more and more empathetic to his worlds and characters, eventually to the point where when he starts to delete his worlds he ends up crying. He realises he created these worlds without care or understanding for their inhabitants and has made their lives miserable through his neglect. He also realises that the worlds he did finish aren’t much better, he intentionally made the characters lives tragic to make the game more interesting. Orphaned children and tragic heroes demand answers off him as to why the world is as bad as it is, and the only reply he can make is “it made you more interesting”.

Mechanics: The respawner is broken, meaning the game won’t stop generating enemies until you destroy the respawner. There is no health in the game, but you “die” by allowing too many enemies on screen at any one time. If this happens the processor crashes and the game needs to “reboot”. This means enemies are a genuine threat but the reasons you are killing them are very different from a conventional game.

Another idea to shake up the health bar mechanic is in a "3rd person shooter" level. Health is determined by bullets you have on you, making you value every shot, but also making the gun discharge a bullet every 5 seconds. You have to keep killing enemies and taking their ammo to stay alive, meanimng that for a nice fucking change the level requires ballsy all out gunplay and no stop and pop.

The game gives the player new powers in the form of “hacks”. There “hacks” include an aimbot (i.e. auto firing lock, countered by the fact if you leave it on you cannot jump or dodge and control is taken off you slightly) no clip (allows you to pass through walls and move in any direction, but also means you cannot interact with the world at all. No clip will not work in certain areas) and infinite health (already explained). These powers are misunderstood by each NPC, some calling it science, others magic.

Themes: The relationship of a god to his creation. We often dismiss the role of the creator as we perceive ourselves to be creations.
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