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Enslaved: A Thorough and (Slightly) Retro Review

Iím sure many of you glossed over Ninja Theoryís Enslaved: Odyssey to the West when it came out last October. I know I passed up its release in order to save some cash, but having finally gone back and played it Iíd say itís a shame that anyone missed it.

As you may know the story is a futuristic take on an ancient Chinese Buddhist text called Journey to the West, which centers on a mischievous monkey god who is forced to accompany a Buddhist monk on a journey to retrieve sacred texts from the dark and dangerous ďWestern RegionsĒ.

The monkey Ė known as Sun Wukong Ė is fitted with a magical headband that shrinks upon the monkís command, should the rascal get out of line. So in order to be freed from his bondage he must protect the monk on his journey, and return him safely home.

(ďMonkey can I ask you a question. You use a lotta hair product?Ē)

The storyís progression is mostly swift and satisfying, with only a few hiccups that cause it to drag here and there. I found myself not wanting to stop when it was time to go to bed, and was profoundly curious about how it would all wrap up. I wonít spoil it here Ė itís too good. Consider this a long-winded foreplay, intended to get you in the mood. Pick it up, try it out Ė itíll cost you a few dollars and a few hours and itís totally worth your time. Then, if you like, come back here and discuss ;)
This game does its predecessor a great modernizing service, and Iím thinking I might go play it again, real-life obligations be damned.

Can't seem to embed the video but check out the trailer here if you're not familiar with it already.
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