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Duke Nukem Forever Gets Broken Down (and pissed on)

Here is my breakdown of Duke Nukem Forever:
-The entire game is based on an unspoken irony.
-Duke Nukem's charisma, comes from his lack of charisma.
-Duke Nukem's personality comes from a one dimensional personality.
-Duke Nukem's greatest gameplay mechanic is its back to basics, bare bones shooting action.

These four points alone will either make or break the game for you. It isn't as simple as saying "BUY THIS" or "DON'T BUY THIS", love it or hate it, it isn't that simple. There are a few things in this game that only people who are in the know will understand. There are jokes form the Internet, celebrity fuck ups, and nods to popular culture that unless you know about at the start, will be totally missed.

The irony alone is a breaker if you can't see that this game doesn't take itself seriously but what was meticulously hand crafted in every respect to be what it is. As this release of the game is possibly its fifth game engine. It has been made and re-made over and over again.

Its also very important to keep in mind that this game is a sequel to a game that came out over a decade ago. It'll either feel like a throw back that you will embrace, and get all warm and fuzzy about, or seem superficial and void. Void of mechanics that have become synonymous in shooters, action RPG things, and pirate ran opium dens.

This game isn't shit. It isn't terrible.
There is either a coup against this game or people think its trendy to bash it. Whatever the case, I've played a lot of games, a lot of shooters, and I can honestly say that Duke Nukem Forever is the definition of a GOOD shooter. Not great, but good. It excells at being good, because that is all it can be. Perhaps even described as 'not bad' but certainly not great. And who the fuck cares about 'greatness' anyway. I mean fuck Skyrim. No one will piss on Skyrim, now or even after it comes out. Even if it's absolute shit. Why? Dragons. Whats Duke got? Some tits. Tits are only fun for so long and everyone has em, so dragons. You can ride em, kill em, cover your room with posters of em, whatevs.

Dragons with tits? Game of the year waiting to happen.

How is it that Duke Nukem Forever comes out and people go on about how its dry and feels old, yet Nintendo can put out Super Mario for the ninth time and folks will shit themselves and wait outside of stores for a week. What the fuck.
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