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I Beat A Game. Lets Talk About That: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Oh its late. Thunder was rumbling through my area and woke me up. In the ultimate gamer fashion I popped in a game to make me fall asleep. As we all know, that is not how you fall asleep. Instead I played about 45 minutes of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and beat it. This is the first game I have beat on my PS3 since I got it in January so I feel weird, disappointed, and happy at the same time.

So lets talk about Brotherhood. Honestly if you read one of my earlier blogs you will see that I have never had any interest in an AC game before. I have a friend that is really really really x23489 Really into this game. As much as he tried to get me into it I just couldn't pick myself up to play it. That all changed once I saw the trailer for Revelations while watching this years E3 coverage. I rushed to my Gamestop and picked up a copy of Brotherhood and it has been in my PS3 ever since.

I never really reviewed a game before so this is going to be like a cliff notes game review.

The game is graphically beautiful. Rome is very nice to traverse and there is enough variation to keep the player interested in the surroundings. Ezio(the main protagonist) is a badass. His uniform is a direct reflection of badass. The main antagonist Cesare is pretty cool looking too. He kinda reminds me of the WWE wrestler CM Punk.

The game play is very easy to get used to. It's not easy by any means but its not the hardest. It is easy enough for a noob like me to pick it up and not feel like Im behind the curve. The combat system is a little funky. I found that sometimes when I had an enemy highlighted to attack him next the player would attack the closest person instead. There are some really good challenges with free running.

The story is what I want to talk about the most here. I loved everything that had to do with Ezio and Cesare and the Assassin's Guild. It was such an engaging story that I never wanted it to end. The stuff with Desmond on the other hand is what irked me. As I never played a previous AC title before I had no clue there was this alternate universe that created everthing that was happening in Rome. I had always presumed the game was about Assassin's in Rome. Not people that are in a dream world controlling Assassin's in Rome. While those parts of the game were enjoyable I felt like they were taking away from what was really important, and that is that you are an assassin in Rome trying to assassinate people. The ending was just bizarre. After the climax of Ezio's story you are shoved back into reality as Desmond. You are going through the colosseum and this ghost woman that showed up once in the beginning is just talking about stuff that I could care less about. The twist at the end was awesome but I felt super pissed after I realized I beat the game and the credits started rolling. I wanted to know more about Ezio. Everything leading up to the ending of the game had me believing that it was not over and that there would be more to do in this game. It was such an abrupt ending that I was kinda put off by it. After the credits were done you got shoved back into the game as Ezio to complete any side quests that you wanted to. I just feel like there could have been more to the story that what was presented at the end there.

All things said, I was really happy I picked this one up. As the first game I beat on PS3 I was really satisfied. This is the game that kept me occupied for the better part of last week. I still feel like playing through it just to get 100% everything.

9/10. Buy it. Kill one of your friends to get it.

And yes it's still thundering here in Pennsylvania.
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