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Wii U


All Sony and Microsoft have to do is release a fully integrated tablet, or a tablet with a screen to compete. This Wii U thing isn't next generation gaming.

Nintendo has made official comments about their stock dropping more than 10% since the announcement. Official statements regard the mass selling of their stock to be 'hasty' and without hindsight. Nintendo noted the stock drop at the launch of the Wii, but with this new drop in stock after all time highs, they fail to recant the 3DS as a failure in many respects.

In regards to the 3DS being a failure, it really isn't one. Nintendo is still making a dollar or two, just not as many or as much as they would like at the speed they would prefer.

Wii games in HD is a nice thought.

Anyone else see the Wii U controller and think of GameGears?

This thing has got to take a lot of juice. I bet the whole back panel is a battery pack that wieghs half as much as a honda civic and smells of elder berries and peach nectarine drink.

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