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Headline News: Deus Ex Human Revolution Leaked


I have since it's debut anticipated the release of this game with enough zeal to call local retailers every week and ask if they have the collectors or special edition in their systems yet. I have called retailers perhaps more about this game than I have the specific retailer where I have my pre-order for Duke Nukem Forever at, asking if they arrived in the shipping. Not so randomly the other day, I was having a conversation with a friend and not oddly, we began to talk about video games. Suddenly, inexplicably, he asks me, "So what game do you think is going to be game of the year?" and I reply without hesitation,

"It will either be Skyrim if it pans out or Minecraft, with its official release.", he takes a second and gives an 'mmhmm'.

"Well," he says, "A friend has got a leaked copy of the new Deus Ex, says its spotless and game of the year. Lots of potential."

Many things happened when I heard this. At first I thought, 'someone I know has played this game?', 'it is leaked?', 'this is as sad as it is exciting'.

More pointedly, I reflected on what this could mean for the game. There are play-throughs of it already on YouTube, user reviews, and software tinkering that may result in mods available at launch. Its sad that this happened to this game and it is unfortunate that this has yet to meet any reliable headlines. As much as I would love an advanced copy of this game to review, I'm going to wait patiently for it to launch in August. I'm going to pitch in my extra two bits for the standee or action figure, or stickers, or lighter holder, whatever paraphernalia it can buddy up with, and I'll pay for it like I intended to. Months ago, as I intend to. Now I realize that this sort of action doesn't represent the greater consumer or gamer population. The person I know whom has played a leaked version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is unemployed, barely purchases games, and lives in his parents attic - rarely ever going outside. This guy doesn't represent everyone who plays games. He represents in many respects the stereotype of a gamer. Except he has a girl friend living in his room with him, and they fuck like bunnies. So I guess he has that going for him. But I digress...

God damn shame this leak business.
Unless by leak Eidos is taking a piss on pirates by handing out a monitored alpha.
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