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Red Faction: The Armageddon of a Franchise

Red Faction is a long standing video game franchise that stand out from the crowd with it's destruction mechanics. In the first game you can take sets of explosives and create cavities and tunnels on essentially any surface. The engine coined 'Geomod' was something new and breathtaking as instead of employing black smudge decals for contacts points between surfaces and high test explosives, it actually blew shit up. And at the time, shit actually fell apart. Columns and bridges would break and fall to pieces. Which was brilliant and possibly the only redeeming factor for a game that was in many ways just another generic linear shooter.

Now don't get me wrong, linearity isn't bad. The story of Red Faction is brilliant.

-Corporations colonize mars
-Corporations create Marshall law
-Corporations (appear) to usher in an age of slave labour
-Protagonist hi-jinks ensue.

It has a touch of political intrigue, corporate conspiracy, commercial exploitation, slavery, and a slew of other contexts which, you would think, would make the story thick with details and juicy bits that ground many of the events centered around some semblance of reality.

Well unfortunately it doesn't seem that the people behind Red Faction actually ever plan to take the back story they've created seriously. Instead they're doing so much more than muck about in it.

In the rant article I wrote for Red Faction: Armageddon which I titled 'Red Faction: Bad Choice of Words', can be found here, it is now time to touch base with these comments, now that the game is released. So if you've got a minute I hope you'll check out the previous post to assure that you know where all of these points are founded. Please keep in mind, I want to like this game, cynicism is going to be more than apparent.

1) Screen shots are selling something that isn't there.
This is true. Many promotional images are of battle scenes that are greatly exaggerated from their hallway and corridor action that are in game.

2) No open world.

3) Nanotechnology?!
Biggest arbitration in this game. The magic pixie dust that restores broken material is meant to be taken seriously, when it is in fact, magic pixie powers. Arbitrary plot device is a plot device is a device, is a tool. What a waste.

4)Black Hole Bomb Launcher/Singularity Cannon
It's a launch-able singularity bomb from Red Faction: G. It's just dressed up real fancy with neat diffusion effects and a gravity field that doesn't so much expel objects as it does drops them.

5) Visible Edge Detection
This game is pretty crisp in that regard. Which is one of the best things going for it. The edges of materials are masked by sparks and dematerialize animation, but is still noticeable if you care enough to look for it.

6) Reused building materials from the previous Red Faction, Guerilla
There is the odd original structure but I would say 90% of the games materials are assets from the previous title.

7) Reused sound effects and weaponry particles?
You can tell that many of the sounds are reworked. The news ones really shine and so do the particle effects.

8) Repair Gun in Story Mode
Magic pixie repair powers all the way. It's a major mechanic throughout the campaign and it's boring and stupid. There is nothing smart about this in the slightest. It's makes absolutely no fucking sense. This thing, this idea, should have stayed in multi-player.

9) Aliens
Lots of them. They're boring, repetitive, and too easy to destroy. They gib like fish in a blender and it isn't even satisfying.

10) Lack of Oppression
Oh there is oppression alright. Within the first 20minutes of gameplay. The protagonist is running for his life from other humans, and I don't' care why.

11) Lack of any political/corporate back story.
Aliens and a planetary terraform disaster lean on the old story and break it like a dry twig. There isn't any deep back story here. It's throw out.

11-12) Destruction of science fiction elements.
Sorrowfully, there is nothing science fiction-like about this franchise anymore. All because of this game. It's pure fiction, pure fantasy, and has all the particle effects you'd need to dazzle an audience with lies. What story RFA has, is bleak and meaningless.

13) Geomod 2.something something
Gemod isn't back. It's the same system from RF:G dressed up with some breakable rubble here and there. Terrain deformation isn't back. Don't weep for it.

14) Breaking new ground.
RF:A doesn't in the slightest. Aside from the destruction which is a minimally improved mock up of the mechanics from RF:G. it's mediocre at best and at worst bland and terrible.

15)Game That Already Exist and Do It Better Include:
-Any third person shooter that is compelling to you in any way.


Every preconception I had about this title, is confirmed.
What is changed from my preconceptions is that RF:A wouldn't have any polish, that it would show it's colors, and be the cliched crock that it is. Well, it just so happens to dress up for the party. New fancy particle effects, gravity fields, and the illusion of a new game are all in place to stimulate you into believe this game has merit, because unfortunately, incredibly talented people worked on this thing. Don't weep for Geomod, weep for the people who made this thing. I feel bad for them and I recognize their talent. What they had to work with was a setup and a bum deal. This game reflects that completely.


Soppy fanboy bullshit/TLDR:
Red Faction - LOVE IS OVER
you broke my heart for you bish D: y u do this
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