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WiiU: Why isn't this the 3DS? Why not just use old controllers?

While I was watching the WiiU presentation at Nintendo's conference, I was extremely confused. Like everyone I wasn't sure what I was seeing, was this just a controller that hooked up to a tv? Was this a controller for the wii? What the hell is going on!

What the WiiU really was wasn't the only thing that confused me, what boggled me most was; why isn't this crap on the 3DS? From what was shown, the 3DS could do some of this alone. Then some of what they showed would work if they just had some WiiU to 3DS connectivity, meaning they wouldn't need this new controller.

Lets look back at the trailer. They started off with some adult sounding guy playing on his WiiU, then another adult sounding guy told the other guy it was time for baseball. (It was odd how they sounded similar in age, yet one guy treated the other as if he was his son) The cool thing was that they changed the channel, and the gamer continued playing Mario Bros on his WiiU screen. That was pretty cool I suppose, but why not just have the WiiU system have connectivity with the 3DS that allows for WiiU gameplay to be streamed on the 3DS screen. Still using the wiimote to play. I'm not sure if that is possible or not, but this is the only thing that I'm not sure of.

The second part of the trailer they showed a nice looking sketch of an anime figure turn into a beautiful drawing of link. The purpose of this portion of the trailer was to show that you can "Draw on the new controller." Was that really necessary to show? It's not a killer feature like switching from the TV to the controller was. Can the 3DS really not do drawings? Just have this drawing feature/application on the 3DS, no need to create this new controller when the 3DS is capable.

Then they showed two people playing a nice, simple game only on the new controller, which was odd because it made it look like a tablet now that would be portable (but it's not portable). Ok, so you can play only on this controller if you would like, but you can also only play on a 3DS (stupid statement), and the 3DS is completely portable. This seems like it COULD of been possible if Nintendo had included multi touch on the 3DS (absolutely ridiculous that the 3DS doesn't have multitouch, I mean really)
Maybe the smaller screen of the 3DS would make a two player game less enjoyable than playing in on the WiiU controller, but the 3DS is completely portable and you aren't restrained to a spot near the WiiU system. This is something that should of been included in the 3DS, but Nintendo half-assed the 3DS (debatable), and since they had missed features in the 3DS; they just added them to this new controller.

The third part is pretty interesting, the WiiU controller was used to pitch a ball and catch a ball. Using a wiimote to pitch was just fine, this doesn't seem to do anything that buttons and motion controls couldn't do before. Catching the ball (finally you can catch balls in wii sports baseball! FINALLY!) was also interesting, but again, why have a whole new controller for this? Just use a wiimote or a regular controller to catch a ball.

After baseball, they showed golf. Looked to be the same as Wii Sports golf, only, get this...you see the ball and sand on the WiiU controller? What? How does that add to the experience. That is just a stupid gimmick that doesn't add anything. Maybe if it added to the gameplay then it would be cool, not sure how it could add to gameplay in golf while laying on the floor, but if it could then it would be pretty tight. But seeing 6 inches of sand and a golf ball doesn't really add to the experience in a significant way.

Stay fit with the new controller, not really, but that is what they showed after baseball and golf. The controller itself just acted as a screen for displaying how many cookies you have eaten and how much you gained. (showed your weight hehe) So you aren't staying fit with the WiiU controller from what was shown, it just shows how the WiiU can act as an expensive scale. This would be cool if the 3DS connected with the balance board, just pull your 3DS out of your pocket and step on the balance board. That would of really been free from the TV which is also what they said in this part of the trailer.

Wii zapper time, yeah they showed the WiiU controller connected to a Wii Zapper. This is the most ridiculous part of the trailer I think. Why not just use the WiiU controller and move around the room to find targets and what not. It has motion built into it, did you forget the features of your own controller?. Why is the wii zapper involved in this, and why the nunchuck. The thing does have buttons Nintendo...

Next we saw someone swiping the touch screen to shoot ninja stars at bamboo targets on the TV. This could be done, and has been done with motion controls. (and motion controls would probably be more precise) I repeat myself again, why create a new controller for this? So that I can use a touch screen for things that have been done perfectly fine before? No thanks.

Make video calls with the new controller. (This was very awkward, and why were they not speaking English?) Seeing as you can do the same thing on 360 and PS3 with other players who own a camera, this isn't impressive, this is just playing catch up. It is cool that it is on the WiiU controller, though since this...fuck! I keep repeating myself, but I have to. Since this isn't portable, it kinda defeats the coolness. This is a feature that should be on the 3DS, and I'm pretty sure it is coming to the 3DS, right?

Browsing on the WiiU looks bad ass, no denying that. I'm not sure if any of this was real or not, I doubt it was real, but it is a cool concept. Anyway, it looks pretty cool. I liked how the WiiU controller acted as a zoom in tool for what was displayed on the screen, the touch screen was for scrolling. Even cooler was that you could swipe a video on the TV, similar to the throwing stars. It isn't really technologically advanced when you think about it, just replace the button that would make the video pop up with a swipe of the touch screen. It was still bad ass though, and I haven't really seen anything like it before.
As BA as it was, it seems like something for a tablet or a portable. A feature like this would be nice to have on the 3DS, Connect your 3DS with the WiiU and open the browser, just swipe on the 3DS and have the video pop up. So yes I'm saying it, it renders this new controller un-necessary.

Then we saw concept footage of an HD Zelda game, looked pretty, but it was no Uncharted. (like I said it was just concept) This added to the confusion even more because it said "more detail with the new controller". It should of said "more detail with the WiiU" By saying with the new controller, it seemed like the controller was just a...controller. But on to the point! I think it would be great to have a HD Zelda game, I liked how the controller displayed inventory. However having connectivity with the 3DS would mean that the 3DS could display inventory.

Having connectivity like that with the 3DS could boost sales of the system, and make more people enjoy their purchase. (a way to boost sales and increase 3DS appeal is MUCH needed due to the PS Vita releasing soon, at $249)

So while there were some interesting gimmicks, the majority of them all seemed useless and un-necessary. Having connectivity with the 3DS for things such as displaying inventory items, browsing the web, or maybe even games that give 3DS players an advantage. (whats the name of the game where one player uses a WiiU controller and has an advantage?) I don't understand the WiiU, because it doesn't make sense. It wants to be a portable but it doesn't want to be, it does things that the 3DS should do, and it does things that standard controls and motion controls have done just fine with.
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