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E3 Approaches: Why I'm Still Playing My N64

Every year since the mid 90s I've gotten excited for E3. This year is no exception largely because I'd like to know what Nintendo's latest console is. However, when it comes to the games I am most excited for HD remakes such as Shadow of the Colossus. Since summer started I've had a few games that I need to finish but just haven't found the time to. Not because I'm trying to prepare for the GREs, or some sort of trivial matters, I just forgot how much I absolutely love StarFox 64.

I've been wrapped up in the story and facial animations of LA Noire as much as the next guy, but after hearing enough comments from my buddy like; "Why can't you search the trashcan? Why doesn't he ever think to check the back pocket? or Can't you just shoot him and the leg and take him in? Why's he have to kill everybody that runs if they have a gun on them?" Maybe I just excused the games flaws because I'm an English major and it was nice to see some Shelly in a game for once, but after a while the things he pointed out sullied some of the game for me. The reason I bring this up is because there seems to be a grand expectation with games now-adays. Everything has to be balanced, perfect, no stone unturned, blah blah blah. I liked that the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved had a custom game search. So what if I only played 'Blood Gulch' and 'Sidewinder' and shot everyone is the head from 150 yards with the pistol. It was fun! No need to worry about rank, level, K/D ratio, it was a good time because you got to play how you wanted. Yes, Oddjob was unfair because he was shorter than everyone else in Goldeneye it was okay because the game was so much fun.

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