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E3 from a person at keeping up at home.

OMG!! E32011. WOOOO!!!!

Lets see. Whats G4 doing. *click* live coverage. Awesome

HMMM!! Destructoid? Even awsomer live coverage and stuff.

Gee. I wish I was there.

More seriously I was watching all the coverage I could muster up, but only after I realized it was going on. I missed Microsoft's and EA's conference and caught most of Ubisoft's conference but somehow missed Far Cry 3. Then came Sony. And I believe it wen't from a gaming conference to a business conference. Man I couldn't have been more bored with something pertaining to video games. I thought listening to the Caffeine guy was pretty horrible but funny. Sony had turned that guy into a...well...MR.CAFFEINE!!!

Well what I did catch was pretty awesome. The new Ghost Recon looks promising. As one of the first online shooters I ever played Im more exited for it than MW3. YOU KNOW YOU SAW THAT COMING!!!!! I've never really been into Assassins Creed. The trailer they showed completely blew my mind. The game play looked fantastic too. That's pretty much all I remember from Ubisoft.

Sony's conference got me really pumped for the Vita. There was one game, I think it was called Ruin, that looked like a Diablo rip off. Im a sucker for Diablo rip offs. The touch cababilities for Mod Nation Racers looked really fun to play with. Uncharted on this thing looked amazing too. Besides from that there was nothing that really stuck out to me from Sony. They did nothing for the PS3 except provided more features that Im not going to use. Quirocity. No. Netflix. Maybe if Im desperate to see a movie. The TV was meh. I still don't want to buy Move. Overall I was pretty bored with Sony.

My overall grade for what I saw on day one was a 8/10. If I watch Microsoft or EA's conference I will update this blog.

E32011 WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Oh if you missed the Destructoid live show after Sony's conference you missed these lines.

xbox live blow up doll

the draw distance outside is insane.
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