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We Are Spoiled.

I have seen people on forums all day today complaining because they couldn't access the PSN store, they had issues downloading their freebies, etc. I would like to take a moment of my time to vent some frustration that a lot of people don't seem to understand.

1. We do not pay for PSN. What did you lose by the PSN outage? Some of you lost PS+ for a month, but that is being made up for by giving you TWO free months. The rest of us only were inconvenienced by not being able to play games online. You don't pay for the service, but for some reason many people are acting like they lost tons of money by the outage and are enraged for multiple reasons. Truth is, it is free. So quit whining.

2. "I already have all the games on the freebies list". Well, too bad. Refer to point one.

3. We are lucky to be getting anything at all, frankly. Sony doesn't really owe us anything but extra security for the outage, and they are fixing that by offering free Debix services for a year. So if it take you a few tries to get your free download, or the server is busy, just log off and wait a few days. You have plenty of time to get the entitlement that you didn't really deserve.

4. "I did lose out. I only bought a PS3 for the free online." Bullcrap. NO ONE buys a PS3 for PSN. It is inferior to the XBLA marketplace. I still love my PS3 more, mind you, but please be honest. You did not spend $300 because of the PSN when you could get an Xbox 360 with a year of Xbox Live for $250.

5. "They do owe us because we can't trust their security now!" They took care of that. They could have simply given us the Debix service with no games, and they honestly wouldn't owe us anything else.

6. "They owe us because they caused this by provoking the hacker(s)." Not really. We don't know who did the crime. It could have been anybody. But, the likely case is that it was a hacker mad about the jailbreak lawsuit months ago. Let's take a moment to examine this possibility. Sony took someone to court for hacking their system to play pirated games. That's not provoking; that is protecting their rights as a manufacturer. Not to mention that by jailbreaking the system, the Terms of Service is violated. Second of all, this hacker I can guarantee was not some 30-year-old hard working adult with a job and a life. It was 90% likely a 15-20 year-old kid who was mad because they think they should be able to do what they want regardless of the law of the ToS they agree to when they turned on their console, and thus decided to attack Sony. Why is Sony the bad guy here? How did the criminal hacker become the victim? That's bullcrap. WE are the victim. SONY is the victim. Why do people support the actions of these criminals? It is terrorism in a way, and honestly, if you think that we and Sony deserved this, you don't deserve to get freebies or anything kind of "Welcome Back Package". You should sell your PS3 and find a new hobby (maybe hacking?) because we don't want to play or talk with people who support terrorist-like actions that victimize millions of people and put them at financial risk.

*Deep breath*

With that said, how about we be thankful that we get anything at all? Sony is under extreme pressure right now, and they are doing their best to keep us around and make us feel safer. They didn't have to have the store up when they did, and they didn't have to offer us free games. Why can't we quit complaining because we don't get enough free stuff for an accident that wasn't Sony's fault? Why can't we quit complaining because everything isn't picture perfect on day one?

Why don't we start pulling together to put pressure on the internet gaming communities to find and seek out the criminal responsible for this? We should be thankful we are consumers of a company willing to give us free games and services because THEY were inconvenienced. I would be OK without free games, a month trial of PS+, or Debix service if that meant they found and convicted the criminal responsible for this.

Gather ye torches!
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