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Weekly Game Review

Typically, this review will highlight the new FPS sensation "Brink." This review will reveal strategies and other hints and tips. To begin, let's start with general review of the game.
I find the game "Brink" to be exciting, yet, challenging. I know that some people will say that "Brink" is perhaps one of the worse FPS games ever. I disagree, however. This is because of the fact that this game was based on another FPS game, "Team Fortress." These games have a lot in common including mutiple classes to choose from and common objectives. A lot of people do not like the "Team Fortress" series though, that is why they dont bother playing this game. they just automaticlly asume that this game will be just as unappealing as "Team Fortress". More to the point i find this game to be one of the best team objective games i have ever had my chance to play.
Now i will shift gears towards the strategies and tips. when your playing the game you have to keep one thing in mind and that is Assessment. when the match starts first thing is first, you have to detrimine what your objective is and when you do you have to figure out what the oppropriate class is to complete the selected objective. you can pick from 4 main classes, The Solider, The Medic, The Enginer, and The Operative. the great part about this game is the command posts. these posts can tell you what the most useful class is. for exmple if i went to a command post and it told me that it was a 3 point priority to be a enginer and there is a 1 point priorty to be a solider, that should tell you what the priorty is. each class has multiple abilites and this abilites are unlocked by gaining xp and leveling up. but lets not forget the many various weapons. now these weapons and attachments are unlocked through the challange mode. there maybe only 4 challanges but it depends how well you do on the mission.
To rap up this review, i will give the final rating of this game. the scale runs from a 1star to a 5star. i give the game "Brink" a 4star. this is because of the fact of the many glitches i found playing this game. for example, when i was playing the story mode, i found out that i could change the difficulty so when i changed it from normal to easy the game seemed to get much more difficult. also the fact that people could join your story mode game unless you set it correctly. otherwise this would have been a 5star game.
This wraps up this weeks Weekly Game Review. thanks for tuning into this review.
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