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Bargain bin - beat hazard.

For the past couple months Iíve purchased quite a few game for a small price. Iíve decided to start a mini-series of blogs reviewing all the games in my library that I purchased for $20 or less, So here it is Tales from the Bargain bin.

Beat hazard
Released:April 15, 2010 Price:$10
Platforms:Pc[Reviewed] , Xbox 360
Players:1-2( with game pad and keyboard)

With all this being said, This game isnít for everyone..There is only a couple of enemies and bosses, which for some will cut the replay value,but the game can randomly generate a level from any audio file you provide for it, plus it has multiple modes like Two player, Survival an Chill-out mode(A mode in which you take no damage.) In conclusion, This game might not be for every one,But if you love music I would highly recommend this game for the small price tag.

Score:7/10( above average, not great but still a good game.)
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