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Dtoid on JTV: MASH TacticS - The First Time is Free


Another round of highlights from Destructoid's official live-stream channel! This time I bring you some exceptional moment from the first half of this week's MASH TacticS. We've got shirt rips, clumsy tumbles, and a tale of a harrowing feline addiction. Oh yeah, the channel also broke 26 million views last week. No big deal.

Jon Carnage knows how to work the streets. He demonstrated this on Wednesday by getting Kipper hooked for life, and sending him on a mission...

On Monday, Pico had to step away briefly to tend to an important matter. Lost, lonely, confused, Carnage reacted the only way he knows how...

As you may know by now, Pico and Carnage set a daily goal for new followers obtained. When they reach that goal, something happens. What you see here from Tuesday is definitely a thing that happened.

I try to keep these posts short and sweet. In doing so, sometimes things fall through the cracks. Last week I missed something that's definitely worth showcasing. So I bring you now a celebration of Dtoid's channel breaking 26 million views. (Thanks to Carnage for pointing this out to me)

You can check out all of Destructoid's past broadcasts here. Be sure to check out the channel, where we have 38+ hours of programming every week, and viewer interaction is key. justin.tv/Destructoid

We are always looking for new content! If you would be interested in broadcasting a program on Destructoid's channel, please email me at [email protected] or Pico Mause at [email protected]!
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